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Whats Coming in V2?

With V2 WYLD is going to turn the world of social media on its head.Over the last couple of months our dev. team has been hard at work crafting a product that will perfectly fit the needs of our users so they can find the right move for them, the first time, every time. Below is a list of brand new features users can expect to experience in V2 of WYLD.The V2 of WYLD is set to drop 9/7/2021. Enjoy!

V2 Feature Table

This table offers a brief overview of the features to come in V2 of WYLD. For a more in depth breakdown of each feature continue scrolling down the page.

Name of Feature Frontend/Backend Advantage
New Layout Frontend and Backend Makes Product Easier to Use
Journey Screen Frontend New Screen for Users
Tag Screen Frontend New Screen for Users
Event Hub Frontend and Backend Revamps the Old Screen
Search Screen Frontend New Screen for Users
Content Organization Backend Organizes Content Fluidly
Voting on Content Frontend and Backend Allows Users to Vote on Created Content
New Events Frontend and Backend New Places that Users Can Use the App

Brand New Layout

One of our most exciting features that we have been working on it a brand new look for the WYLD app. We have taken the old and merged it with the new creating a unique interface that is extremely user friendly and simple to use. This new interface features four distinct screens. The Journey screen, the TAG screen, the HUB, and finally the Search screen. More detail on said screens will be featured down below.

The Journey Screen

The Journey is screen is on of our most ambitious new screen that will be added to WYLD in V2. Here on the Journey screen users can see what type of journeys their pack members have gotten into over the past day, week, or month. When a pack member posts something to an event story that content automatically populates here on the Journey screen so you can stay up to date on what moves your friends are making.

The Tag Screen

When it comes to the TAG screen it is our equivalent to the user profile page. This screen allows users to customize it in whatever way they see fit. Users can change their profile picture, edit their bio, manage the content they have, check their notifications, and adjust their setting all from this page.

The Event Hub

Here on the Event Hub is where users find out what events are going on in their area. Just like in V1, users can swipe through their local event cards to see what events are most appealing to them in their local area. However, now users can also see what pack members are at what events ultimately making meeting up with friends a much easier experience.

The Search Screen

Our search is also one our new and ambitious screens that we have added in V2. On the search not only can users search for potential pack members but they can also find a plethora of exciting content. On this screen users can expect to find popular post by other users as well as curated content from the WYLD team.

Content Organization

With V2 we have decided to take a new approach on how we store and save user created content. In this update all newly created content made by a user is now stored in the TAG screen under location based cells. Every time a user creates content at a new event a new cell is added to the TAG screen. If a user wishes to view content previously created at said event all that one has to do is click on an event cell and scroll through the library of content that was created there. With this system, users will always be able to remember where they took certain photos or videos and they can manage their content as they see fit.

Voting on Content

In this new iteration we have decide to add an exciting new feature that will allow users to interact with one another on a more community basis. This feature is of course the ability to vote on content. How it works is when users post content to event stories the community in that area will be able to vote on the content as they see fit. If users find the content posted helpful or just entertaining the content will receive upvotes that will propel it towards popularity. However, if the content is not helpful the content may receive down votes potentially removing it from the event story. The logic behind this is that by giving the community the ability to decide what content they enjoyed the most at local events users will be able to get the best judgement of what the event is truly like and if it is worth their time going to said event.

New Events

With a new version naturally there will be a plethora of new events to for our users to check out. The WYLD team will be trying to add as many new events as possible as the app continues to grow. However, if you do not have any events in your area or if you do not see your favorite hot spot on the app at the moment feel free to fill out our event form and we will do our best to get that event added to our WYLD ASAP!