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What is WYLD?

WYLD is essentially a next generation social media platform. Our application combines the social media aspects of an app like Instagram with the informatics of something like Waze. By combining aspects from both, WYLD is able to provide a platform that not only allows our users to stay up to date with their friends, but also enables them to see an accurate representation of what is going on around them. This allows our users to decisively allocate their social time to events or venues that will give them the most bang for their buck. In simpler terms we help our users find the right move for them the first time every time.


Our Goal is to help our users determine the best place to spend their social time. We do so by providing data to our users that allows them to determine the best move for them any given day. Some of the data we provide would be, number of people at a given venue (males and females), cover charges, wait times, drink prices, locations of friends, live photos and videos, and a heat map. By providing all this data to our users we allow for an accurate representation of what is ACTUALLY going on around them. All data provided about venues is crowed sourced from other users who are physically there and is reset every twenty-four hours to ensure the data is accurate every day. Events that seem to fit a user’s preference will be recommended to them every time they log on to the app. Our algorithms and data collection methods are constantly being improved upon to ensure that we can provide a beneficial service to our users.

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WYLD is currently fully established in Columbus and Cincinnati Ohio. Meaning that there is a vast network of venues where our application is useable. Our operation started in these cities because our company was founded in Ohio and these cities had thriving college scenes which catered to our demographic. We started our expansion into the Phoenix area in late 2020 and will hopefully be fully established here by the end of 2021. After Phoenix, we are looking to expand into cities like San Diego, Las Vegas, Miami, and Las Angeles. The reason for this is that we have determined that these cities are large social hubs. Our team thinks it’s crucial to expand into these bigger markets in order to further grow our user base. Look for us in a city near you in the future! Or if you do not want to wait request a venue to be added to your area right now through our request form !


Here is one of our promo videos that we made at The Ohio State University in Columbus Ohio. We hosted a promotional event to get the word out about WYLD at a football block party. Enjoy!